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Jayatma Cotton Ginning Shop Floor is equipped with 34 Double Roller Cotton Jumbo Gin capable of producing 400 Bales (of 160 KG each) Cotton every day.

To Revolutionise cotton Bailing, we are equipped with Cotton Bailing Machines of international standards which are fully automatic and capable of pressing 3-35 bales per hour. Press is capable of

  • Auto Bale Ejection
  • Online Bagging
  • Online Weighing

Two online Cotton lint Humidification System capable of 35 bales of 170 Kgs  per Hour.

Main Unit comprises the following;

(1) Moist air generating chamber
(2) Blower
(3) Automatic Steam controlling valve with Sensor
(4) Humid air Supply ducting of S. S. 16 feet long
(5) Recirculation ducting of S. S. 16 feet
(6) Liner Base Belt Sliding.
(7) Humidifier & Conditioner with S. S. hood & Bottom and S. S. belt for cotton lint delivery near press

Jayatma Cotton is equipped with fully automatic conveying system with processor comprising;
. First Stage Pneumatic system with air separator Bucket, Blower, Cyclone separator and ducting pipe line
. Cotton Pre-cleaner (To remove immature cotton i.e. codi)
. Cotton Feeding belt system with 800 mm width belt conveyor to convey cotton from ground side to Gin Mill, Belt conveyor for feeding       cotton to ginning machines, Automatic cotton dropping boxes with blowers, belt conveyor supporting system and PLC system
. Under GIN Lint Conveying common belt conveyor
. Cotton seed conveying system with under GIN machine cotton seed screw conveyor, Common cross conveyor, Elevator, Outer side    cotton seed screw conveyor and cotton seed filling two way box
. Lint cleaner
. Pneumatic system to convey lint from Belt to super cleaner with air separator bucket, Blower, cyclone separator and ducting pipe line